Upping the Game

Today I took care of a basic but essential task: I filed a patent application. This is a stake in the ground that did a couple of things. First, it helped clarify many of the interactions supported by Positive with both the virtual and the real worlds. Second, it placed a box around the aspects of the technology that I believe are most valuable, to members, to investors, and to the world.

The Adventure Begins

There is always something very special about the first day you launch something new. There is an excitement that is a combination of relief, adrenaline, and anticipation. Sure, there is a small degree of anxiety but you don't get to this day without having fought that devil many times.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is around $11,000 US. The last time I wrote about it was 4 months ago and it as $3,000. Whether it skyrockets or collapses, it has permanently changed our world.

Positive is a contribution in a growing landscape of currencies. But for me, it is more than that. Positive is my response to a world that is out-of-balance. The scales have tipped towards the negative. After many months of contemplating a response that would have just been more misery on the scale, I slowly came to the realization that a positive response would be far more fruitful.

One day I realized that "Positive" should be the product name as well, for the simple reason that it will be quite difficult for me, personally, to reconcile negative tirades when I have so much vested in Positive.